The Organisers

  • Danielle Klaff ~ Chairperson of Envirochild , stalls and marketing
  • Carrie Searll ~ Co-ordinator of the Planet Warriors festival.
  • Angie Curtis ~  Talks, Movies
  • Rachel Rowberry ~ Co-ordinator
  • Honey Spring - Treasurer
  • Mikey Dredd ~ Sound Manager
  • Tristan Nebe - Technical Manager
  • Dale Bird - Stage Manager
  • Richard Fouche ~ Site manager
  • Nicki Upton - Compere and Gardening
  • Samantha MacDonald - Website and Marketing



EnviroChild is a registered NGO, dedicated to the goal of a healthy, sustainable, prosperous and united community in Hout Bay, ultimately inspiring other communities to follow the same path.

EnviroChild aims to facilitate all ‘green’ projects in Hout Bay that share its vision and goals, by acting as an ‘umbrella’ organisation where needed.


Envirochild offers:

  • A recognisable NGO ‘brand’ with some historic standing and credibility in the community
  • A legal entity and a vehicle for donor funding – registered in 2007 as a section-21 NPO (not-for-profit) organisation
  • Banking with project specific accounts
  • Website with project specific pages
  • Database of sustainable products, suppliers and sustainable initiatives


Envirochild promotes the following independent projects:


Hout Bay Green Faire

 The Hout Bay Green Faire is a community event showcasing eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle options such as eco-housebuilding, solar & wind power, energy & after saving devices, composting toilets, how to grow organic vegetables and more. An annual event, initiated in 2007, it has grown from 20 exhibits and currently showcased 8 exhibits in 2010.


Planet Warriors

Planet Warriors  is an ‘edutainment’ campaign that aims to uplift and inspire children about their environment and provide a positive platform to unleash their unique creative and entrepreneurial talents. Through events like the Planet Warriors Festival we enable them to become Planet Warriors in their own lives. Brainchild of Carrie Searll.


Hout Bay Green Drinks

Hout Bay Green Drinks – Run by Angie Curtis,  this is a monthly gathering at a venue in Hout Bay providing a platform for movers and shakers in the Green industry to talk about innovative products, ideas, services.  An informal, friendly and social get together where like-minded people can come and meet, discuss hot topics and have an opportunity to meet your neighbours,  learn something new and share what you know.   See to join the mailing list..


 Green Your Home

GreenYourHome LOGO finalGreen Your Home  – assisting homes, businesses and events to go green!

Hout Bay Enviro challenge –  promoting the use of low-flow shower-heads which saves 50% of water and electricity.


e-khaya shack replacement

e-khaya logoe-khaya shack replacement - using sandbags to build houses